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disc004's Journal

Disc 004, an Artemis Fowl RPG
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It's been four years since Artemis Fowl has lost his memory of the fairies. Four years, and he still isn't giving up...

Our little boy genius is all grown up... To be 17 (turning 18 in December), to be exact. And ever since that morning four years ago, he has not been giving up. He hasn't been getting any luck of course, with Foaly keeping track of the genius; it's been a little hard.

But for the past two years Artemis has been aware of this fairy cover-up, for two years Artemis has been a step ahead of them all the time. He's been humouring them, of course, and as always, he has another trick up his sleeve.

With no recollection of finding the book a few years earlier, Artemis sends out yet again to get a copy. History is not about to repeat itself, and the fairies are very well aware, making it impossible for Artemis to grab a hold of this book.

But how could we forget Mulch Diggums? Released only a few months after the C Cube incident, Mulch Diggums kept his promise to Artemis and does intend to come back to Artemis some time.

That time is now.


Based on the series Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, Disc004 is a roleplaying community. It takes place 4 years after the last in the series, The Eternity Code.

This is also under construction, so come back soon. If you are interested in join,IM the mod at estanesse23 or e-mail at misticblu23@aol.com.

**note: This community is viewed in 13.5-point Perpetua.. Just like the book. If you don't have the font and want it, contact me.